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Fishing Practices:

There are no changes to the current harvesting practices of the Maine Lobster trap fishery.  All Maine Lobster harvested by Maine Licensed harvesters is eligible to be sold to a Client Group member and, thus, enter the MSC Chain of Custody and bear the MSC ecolabel.


MSC Maine Lobster for Harvesters

As a fisherman any lobster caught in Area 1and landed at a Maine licensed wharf by a Maine licensed fisherman is eligible to become an MSC Certified Maine lobster.

In order for the lobster to enter into the MSC Chain of Custody it must be purchased at the wharf by a member of the Client Group.

There is no cost to the fishermen. The Fund is privately funded.

Selling Practices:

The MSC Certification of the Maine Lobster fishery organized by the Fund clearly stipulates that all licensed Maine Lobster harvesters in good standing, by virtue of holding a Maine Lobster license (MCLA1), do not need MSC Chain of Custody certification nor do they need to apply to the Fund to land their lobster as lobster eligible to be labeled MSC Certified Maine Lobster.

However, only members of the Fund's Client Group may enter the eligible Maine lobster into the MSC Chain of Custody.  Please see "Dealers and Processors" section to find out how to qualify to become a member of the Client Group.

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